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It consists of a hollow saddle -like seat containing two powerful electric motorsmotor speed site boards, gearing, pulleys and a platform on cranked axles such that a ridge on the top of the unit can be made to vibrate through a range of speeds as set using a wired external hand controller, and an upward pointing shaft set on an angle through the ridge can be made to rotate at speeds from zero rpm to several hundred rpm, again by use of the wired remote control. Flexible moulded attachments are sybian which fit over the vibrating ridge and shaft which mostly have integrated dildos on their top.

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First released inthe Sybian is a masturbation device designed primarily for women. It's half cylinder design purposefully looks like a saddle and has a dildo on top for the lady to slide into her vagina and ride.

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For more than 25 years, Sybian has been the pinnacle of self-gratification for women. This precision device offers you the ultimate sexual experience time and time again.

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